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Looking for ideas to entertain your BABY SHOWER? Here are some ideas to entertain your guests and spend unforgettable moments.​

Decorating shortbread cookies :

An assortment of homemade cookies around the baby theme to decorate with colored icing to create your own cookies!

Guessing workshop :

A nice personalized sheet where guests will have to answer questions, certain details from maternity to the arrival of the baby! The mother-to-be will enjoy reading what her guests have predicted for her.

The right price :

A baby is expensive! Can you find the real price? Each has its own sheet to evaluate the price of the objects presented. As for the mother-to-be, she will place the price tags provided in front of each object she will own once the game is over.

Girl or boy ? Place your bets !

Do you want to reveal the sex of the baby during a reveal party? Two pots available with pink or blue bracelets in each to choose before the gender reveal.


The golden frame

An original idea with sweet little words! A personalized frame where each guest will hang his word on a label in the shape of a heart, a bodysuit, using a mini clothespin.

footprint tree

Opt for a tree to personalize where each guest will leave their mark which will leave a beautiful memory.​​

Suggested names

If the sex of the baby is not yet known, two small pots are provided: one for "girl" and one for "boy". Each guest fills the jars with a name that the parents would be likely to give their baby. The couple will then read them in front of the guests.​​​

Quiz "Dad or Mom"

Who do you think will get to the maternity ward the fastest? Answer all the questions on our pretty personalized sheets and make future young parents smile!​​​

Personalization of bibs or bodysuits

A great activity that will allow the mother to remember good times!

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