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Unique party themes:

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Unique party themes :

In this section, we will present a multitude of original themes for your festive events. From classic theme parties to more unique ideas, we'll give you tips for decoration, food, drinks and activities related to each theme.

  • Island Party :

The Island Party is a lively and colorful celebration that transports guests to the tropical vibe of the islands. Transform your space into a tropical paradise with an Island Party. Use colorful decorations and accessories like flower leis, inflatable palm trees and tropical patterned tablecloths. Serve exotic cocktails, fresh fruit and dishes inspired by Hawaiian or Caribbean cuisines. You can also plan activities such as hula dance lessons or beach games.

Decorations: Transform your space into a tropical oasis using decorative items such as flower garlands, colorful lanterns, floral tablecloths and pillows, beach umbrellas, hammocks, cardboard palm trees, and more. Create a tropical vibe with bright colors and exotic patterns.

Costumes: Encourage guests to dress up in tropical and festive outfits. Offer Hawaiian shirts, floral dresses, straw skirts, straw hats, flower necklaces and colorful bracelets. You can also hand out props like sunglasses, hand fans, and feather fans.

Cuisine: Prepare an island-inspired menu, with exotic dishes and tropical flavors. Offer fruity cocktails, fresh fruit skewers, samosas, shrimp skewers, coconut rice dishes, tropical salads, grilled fish, spicy dishes and exotic fruit desserts.

Musical Ambiance: Create a playlist of tropical music including reggae, calypso, salsa, samba and other musical genres from the islands. Be sure to include popular hits that will have your guests dancing and transporting them into the festive mood of the islands.

Entertainment and Activities: Offer island-inspired activities to entertain your guests. You can organize tropical dance lessons, such as salsa or hula, where guests can learn a few dance steps. Also plan beach games such as limbo, hoop throwing, beach volleyball or the coconut game.

Tropical Photo Corner: Set up a photo corner with a tropical background and fun accessories like straw hats, flower lei, sunglasses, feather fans and cardboard surfboards. Guests can take souvenir photos of the party.

Bonfires and Dance Shows: If you have adequate outdoor space, you can host a bonfire where guests can gather and enjoy a traditional island dance performance, such as the Hawaiian hula or fire dance Polynesian. Make sure you follow all the necessary safety instructions.

The island party is a perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy the tropical atmosphere and leave worries behind. Be sure to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere that will transport your guests to a true island paradise.

  • Soirée mystère :

Hosting a mystery party is an exciting idea to entertain your guests and immerse them in an intriguing experience. Choose a theme such as a police investigation, a murder mystery or a puzzle to solve. Guests may be invited to come dressed as characters related to the plot. You can create clues, puzzles and games for participants to work together to solve the mystery throughout the evening.

Theme and story : Choose a theme for your mystery party, such as a murder, a precious theft, a disappearance, or any other intriguing plot. Craft a detailed story with characters and clues, as well as an ending to discover. Make sure the story is engaging enough to pique the interest and curiosity of your guests.

Invitations : Send personalized invitations to your guests, giving them information about the theme of the mystery party and assigning them a character. Encourage them to come dressed as their character and play the game throughout the evening.

Decorations : Create a mysterious ambiance using dim lighting, candles, cobwebs, antiques, thick curtains, etc. You can also set up specific areas, like a detective's office, crime scene, or interrogation room, using appropriate props.

Characters and Scenarios: Assign each guest a character with a key role in the story. Some may be the suspects, others witnesses or investigators. Give each character a folder with information about their role, clues to reveal, and specific interactions with other characters. Make sure you have a playmaker who will direct the story and guide the guests through the evening.

Clues and riddles : Place clues and riddles in different places around the house or party space. The guests will have to find and solve them to progress in the investigation. You can use codes, encrypted messages, puzzles or riddles to make searches more interesting.

Interrogations and Discussions: Arrange times for guests to interview suspects, exchange information, and discuss their findings. This will help to develop the story and deepen the interactions between the characters. Encourage guests to stay in their roles and play their characters with conviction.

Revealing the mystery : At the end of the evening, gather all the guests to reveal the mystery and unveil the culprit or the solution. Be sure to provide a clear and compelling explanation to end the story. You can even provide prizes for those who successfully solve the puzzle.

A mystery party is a unique opportunity to create an intriguing atmosphere and allow guests to immerse themselves in a captivating story. Be sure to plan the entire event carefully and allow plenty of time for everything to go off without a hitch. Have fun

  • Fête rétro-futuriste :

Throwing a retro-futuristic party is a fun idea that combines elements from the past with a touch of futurism. Here are some ideas for creating a unique retro-futuristic atmosphere. Mix elements of the past and future with a retro-futuristic party. Decorate the space with retro elements, like vinyl records, old computers or rotary phones, while adding futuristic touches, like LED lights and metallic decorations. Encourage guests to dress in a way that blends styles from the past and the future. You can also organize retro-futuristic games, like a retro video game tournament with futuristic graphics.

Decorations : Use decorations that hark back to times past, such as retro posters, vinyl records, old computers, rotary phones, lava lamps, etc. Add futuristic touches with LED lights, metallic decorations and neon lights. Mix bright colors with retro patterns for a retro-futuristic vibe.

Dress Code : Encourage guests to dress in a way that blends styles from the past and the future. For example, retro clothes with futuristic accessories like reflective sunglasses, smart watches or futuristic jewelry. You can also suggest a specific dress code, like "80s retro-futuristic" for an even funnier twist.

Music : Create a playlist that mixes retro songs with electronic or futuristic music. Choose tracks from the 80s or other retro eras, as well as contemporary songs with futuristic sounds. Make sure the music is upbeat and encourages guests to dance.

Retro-futuristic games : Organize games that combine retro and futuristic elements. For example, a retro video game tournament with futuristic graphics, like "Pac-Man" or "Space Invaders". You can also organize dance competitions with retro-futuristic choreographies or classic board games with modernized versions.

Creative Cocktails : Create a cocktail menu that combines retro recipes with futuristic presentations. For example, you can serve classic cocktails in martini glasses with futuristic decorations like glowing straws or fluorescent ice cubes. Experiment with colors and ingredients that evoke the retro-futuristic spirit.

Retro-futuristic photobooth : Set up a photobooth corner with retro-futuristic accessories and decorations. Offer futuristic sunglasses, space helmets, retro goggles, and more. Create a backdrop with retro-futuristic designs or use a green screen to allow guests to choose their own futuristic décor.

Don't forget to incorporate fun and creative elements throughout the party to enhance the retro-futuristic vibe. Have fun mixing eras and creating a unique experience for your guests.

Voyage autour du monde :

Throwing a "Trip Around the World" themed party is a great idea for celebrating cultural diversity and exploring different cuisines and traditions. Take your guests on a trip around the world exploring different cultures and countries. Create stations representing different countries, each offering traditional foods, drinks, and activities from that region. Plan a playlist of world music to add an international atmosphere to the party.

Invitations : Create invitations that evoke a passport or a map of the world. Use stamps or stickers to mimic travel stamps. Ask guests to come dressed in outfits representing a specific culture or country.

Decorations : Turn your space into a trip around the world using decorative elements representing different countries. Hang national flags, world maps and photos of iconic landmarks. Use ethnically patterned tablecloths, cushions and textiles to create an international vibe.

Culinary stations : Set up culinary stations representing different countries. Each station can offer traditional dishes and drinks from the region. For example, you can have a Mexican station with tacos and margaritas, an Italian station with Italian pizza and wine, and so on. Do not forget to indicate the name of the country and provide cultural information on the dishes offered.

Cultural activities : Organize interactive activities that allow guests to discover the culture of different countries. For example, you can offer country-specific dance lessons, craft workshops to create cultural memories, or even mini-lessons in foreign languages. These activities will allow guests to further immerse themselves in the experience of traveling around the world.

Quiz or trivia game : Organize a quiz or trivia game about the different countries represented at the party. Prepare questions about the geography, history, culture, gastronomy and traditions of each country. You can even provide small prizes for participants who answer the questions correctly.

International Photobooth : Create a photobooth corner with props representing different countries. Offer hats, traditional costumes, glasses or signs with typical expressions from each country.

Fête des couleurs :

Celebrate the joy of colors by throwing a colorful party. Encourage your guests to wear bright outfits. Use colorful decorations in hues of the rainbow. You can also host creative activities, such as a paint zone where guests can create collaborative works of art or outdoor colored powder battles.

Invitations : Create vibrant and colorful invitations to announce the party. Use playful fonts and add splashes of paint or colorful patterns.

Decorations : Decorate the space with garlands, balloons and multicolored streamers. Use tablecloths, table runners, and chair covers in bright, vibrant colors. Create a photo wall with snaps of the guests during the party, using a colored background. You can also have pots of colored paint as original centerpieces.

Color toss area: Set up an outdoor area or a dedicated indoor area for color toss. Use non-toxic color powders specially made for parties. Provide bags of colored powder to guests and invite them to splash the colors at each other.

Creative activities : Offer creative workshops where guests can express their creativity with paints, markers or colored pencils. Provide canvases, white t-shirts or caps so everyone can create their own colorful masterpiece. You can also organize color-themed drawing or painting contests.

Colorful Buffet : Create a colorful buffet by offering a variety of food and drinks in different colors. For example, fresh fruit and vegetable salads, colorful smoothies, decorated cupcakes and brightly colored cocktails.

Music and Dance : Choose a dynamic and energetic playlist for the party, with upbeat songs that will put everyone in a good mood. You can also provide interactive musical games to animate the atmosphere.

Colorful photobooth : Create a photobooth corner with colorful accessories and matching decorations. Offer brightly colored glasses, hats, wigs and scarves for guests to take fun photos.

Do not forget to provide wet towels, wipes

Fête sur le thème des super-héros :

Invitations : Create custom invitations with superhero logos, bright colors, and eye-catching slogans.

Decorations : Use superhero-inspired decorations to transform your party space. Hang banners and posters featuring the logos of iconic superheroes. Add balloons in superhero colors and create a cobweb wall for Spider-Man or a starry sky for Superman. You can also arrange superhero figurines on tables and shelves.

Costumes : Encourage guests to come dressed as superheroes. Plan a small workshop to create masks or capes for those who don't have a costume.

Activities and Games : Provide games and activities that showcase superhero powers. For example, host a scavenger hunt where guests must solve puzzles and complete challenges to collect clues. You can also have simulated superhero fights with balloons or video games featuring superpowers.

Food and Drinks : Create a superhero menu by naming character-inspired dishes. For example, "Spider-Burgers" for Spider-Man or "Hulk Sliders" for Hulk. Serve colorful drinks in glasses with superhero labels. Bake a superhero cake with the logo of the person being celebrated's favorite superhero.

Gifts and keepsakes : Provide small superhero-themed gifts or keepsakes for guests. These can be small figurines, keychains, masks or superhero badges. You can also create personalized superhero diplomas for each guest, highlighting their unique qualities and superpowers.

Fête - Soirée DISCO :

The disco party is the perfect opportunity to relive the energy and glamor of the 70s, a time when music and dance were in the spotlight. Make sure to create a lively atmosphere, to plan activities.

Decorations : Turn your space into a real 70s dance floor. Use disco balls, string lights, glitter balloons, colorful rugs and retro posters. Create a disco atmosphere with light shows and projectors to recreate the atmosphere of the nightclubs of the time.

Costumes: Encourage guests to dress up in retro disco outfits. Think bell bottoms, sequined dresses, scoop collar shirts, fringed jackets, extravagant sunglasses and disco jewelry. Also offer funky accessories such as afro wigs, gold chains and platforms.

Music : Prepare a playlist of the best hits of the 70s for your guests to sway on the dance floor. Include iconic songs from that era like "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, "Le Freak" by Chic, "Super Freak" by Rick James, "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire , etc.

Disco Dance : Host a disco dance session so your guests can learn some iconic moves from the era. Provide a clear space and a dance instructor who can demonstrate the classic steps like the "hustle", the "bump" and the "bus stop". You can also organize mini dance competitions to add a competitive and fun touch.

Retro Photo Corner : Set up a photo corner with a retro disco backdrop and accessories like afro wigs, funky glasses, miniature disco balls and signs with 70s expressions. Guests can take souvenir photos of the evening.

Cocktails and refreshments : Offer cocktails and refreshments inspired by the 70s. You can serve classics like the "Cosmopolitan", the "Mai Tai", the "Piña Colada" or the "Tequila Sunrise". Don't forget to offer non-alcoholic beverages and options for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Costume Contest: Hold a costume contest to reward the guests who dressed up best in the disco theme. Include fun prizes like retro CDs, miniature disco balls or vouchers for a dance party at a real nightclub.

Fête retour en enfance :

Throwing a throwback-themed party is a wonderful idea to relive the memories and joys of childhood. It allows you to reconnect with your inner joy and create precious memories.

Decorations : Turn your space into a true retro childhood paradise. Use colorful balloons, bunting, cartoon posters, vintage toys and stuffed animals. Create thematic corners with specific decorations such as a playground, a cinema room, a costume corner, etc.

Costumes : Encourage guests to dress up as characters from their childhood or wear outfits inspired by their youthful years. They could come dressed as superheroes, princesses, cartoon characters or simply in colorful and playful outfits.

Activities and games : Provide a variety of activities and games that bring back memories of childhood. Organize fun fair games such as angling, ring tossing, jumble-up, etc. Set up creative workshops where guests can colour, paint, make bracelets, or create objects with beads. Also plan classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4, etc.

Film and Cartoon Screening: Set up a screening area where you can show classic films and cartoons from your childhood days. Ask guests to vote for their favorite movies and create a nostalgic movie playlist to spend the evening reminiscing.

Regressive buffet : Set up a buffet filled with regressive treats and snacks. Offer candy, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, soda, colorful cupcakes, cookies, etc. You can also provide DIY stations for guests to make their own cotton candy or ice cream.

Photo Corner: Create a photo corner with throwback accessories like baseball caps, heart-shaped sunglasses, faux mustaches, nerd glasses, superhero masks, and more. Guests can take fun souvenir photos to immortalize the evening.

Music : Prepare a playlist of songs reminiscent of happy childhood times. Include cartoon songs, 90s hits, songs by popular bands or singers of the time. Feel free to ask guests to suggest their favorite childhood songs to add a personal touch to the party.

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