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Enjoy your afternoon without looking at your watch. We take care of managing the afternoon by welcoming the guests.​

Babyshower sur mesure

  • Decorating shortbread cookies:

  • An assortment of homemade baby-themed cookies to decorate with colored icing to create your own cookies!​

  • Guessing workshop:

  • A nice personalized sheet where guests will have to answer questions, certain details from maternity to the arrival of the baby! The mother-to-be will enjoy reading what her guests have predicted for her.

  • The right price

  • A baby is expensive! Can you find the real price? Each has its own sheet to evaluate the price of the objects presented. As for the mother-to-be, she will place the price tags provided in front of each object she owns once the game is over.​

  • Girl or boy ? Place your bets !

  • Do you want to reveal the sex of the baby during a reveal party? Two pots available with pink or blue bracelets in each to choose before the gender reveal. 

  • The gold frame 

  • An original idea with sweet little words! A personalized frame where each guest will hang their word using a mini clothespin on a heart-shaped label, a bodysuit…​

  • footprint tree

  •  Choose a tree to personalize where each guest will leave their mark which will leave a beautiful memory.


  • Suggested names

  • If the sex of the baby is not yet known, two small pots are provided: one for "girl" and one for "boy". Each guest fills the jars with a name that the parents would be likely to give their baby. The couple will then read them to the guests.​

  • Quiz "Dad or Mom"

  • Who do you think will get to the maternity ward the fastest? Answer all the questions on our pretty personalized sheets and make future young parents smile!

  • Personalization of bibs or body 

  • A great activity that will allow the mother to remember good times! 

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