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wedding decorations

As an event decoration designer, my main role is to create visually appealing decorations for various types of events such as weddings, parties, conferences, exhibitions and much more.

My goal is to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary places using decorative elements.

Here are some of the common tasks and responsibilities:


  • Design and planning: I design  with clients to understand their needs, vision and budget. I then create a decoration concept taking into account the theme of the event, the season, the location and the preferences of the client.


  • Search for suppliers: I identify and collaborate with suppliers such as florists, equipment rental companies, artists and other decoration professionals to obtain the elements necessary for the realization of your concept.


  • Installation and assembly: I supervise the installation and setting up of the decoration on the day of the event. This can include the arrangement of tables, chairs, flowers, lighting and other decorative elements.


  • Budget management: I am responsible for managing the budget allocated to the decoration of the event, monitoring expenses and finding creative solutions to respect budget constraints while providing quality decoration.


  • Follow-up with clients: I communicate regularly with clients to keep them informed of the progress of the project, collect their comments and make the necessary adjustments.


  • Trends and Inspiration: I stay up to date on event decoration trends, seek inspiration and constantly develop your creativity to deliver unique and memorable designs.


As an event decorator, I am  creative, and I have a keen sense of aesthetics. I am able to manage several projects simultaneously and work under tight deadlines. I love the new goals more than we do  to create settings that captivate guests, reflect the essence of the event and leave cherished memories for clients and their guests.

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